Sun., March 26th, 2023

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Project: ILT and eLearning Courseware

Annotated Artifact
Target Audience

First responders and emergency personnel

Project Scope
  • The goal for this project was to develop a series of ILTs and WBTs for all first responders and emergency personnel for the city in which the client was located.
  • The initial stages entailed designing the overall look and feel to be carried throughout the courseware materials and developing the templates to be used for all ILT deliverables.
  • Intermediate stages entailed attending the pilot courses onsite and assisting the SME/facilitators with edits and revisions.
  • The final stages entailed designing the eLearning modules and working closely with the graphic designer, developer, and audio engineer to complete the components necessary for each WBT.
  • This project was large in scope, had very aggressive deadlines, and was completely over the course of one year with a very small team.
  • The final deliverables included four ILTs and three WBTs with splash screens.
  • The ILT courseware included Student Guides, Instructor Guides, Activity Guides, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • The WBTs included a choice of scenarios with branching, limited voiceover, and an interactive game.
Role As the Lead Instructional Designer my primary responsibilities were to work on the overall design (look and feel) of both ILTs and WBTs, as well as the design of all ILT templates, eLearning scenarios, splash screens, interactions, and games.
Sample Screenshot(s) Sample screenshot for Emergency Mgmt course Sample screenshot for Emergency Mgmt course