Sun., March 26th, 2023

My Life is a Laptop

Project: SAP Widgets

Annotated Artifact
Target Audience

SAP Managers and sales practitioners

Project Scope
  • The goal for this project was to develop in demand content quickly and deliver it to the desktops of the target audience via a proprietary desktop widget.
  • The sample screen illustrated here is from one of several flash-based mini-courses that was delivered to the desktops of in-house SAP managers and sales practitioners.
  • This project entailed collaborating with SMEs and colleagues in Europe, India, and the US.
  • The initial stages entailed communicating with SMEs, gathering content and/or content development, reorganizing existing data into meaningful sequences, and designing a theme for each product.
  • Subsequent stages entailed obtaining SME approval, storyboarding, collaborating with flash developers and team members, and overseen each product to completion.
  • This was one in a series of several mini-courses intended to inform SAP managers and sales practitioners about the latest news, releases, and value of SAP products.
  • Each mini-course consisted of 10 to 15 flash screens delivered via a proprietary desktop widget.
Role Instructional Designer
Click image to the right Page 9 of a sample SAP widget course