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Project: Database Application

Annotated Artifact
Target Audience

Company employees

Project Scope

The first snapshot (far left below) illustrates the initial data model I created, using MS Visio, prior to revamping the database for a non-profit organization. A data model was created as part of the initial phase to upgrading the database tables and queries. The data model sets the framework of the database and ensures the data is normalized for maximum efficiency. Proper normalization ensures functional dependency and allows one to anticipate potential issues when designing a relational database.

The main function of this database is to track artist information and assign them a booth (snapshot in the middle below) for the organization's biannual art festivals. At the client's request, I redesigned and implemented the necessary changes to ensure its full functionality. While some of the forms and initial interface design remained intact, new tables, queries, reports and forms were created implementing basic VBA code. The most challenging part of this project was updating the SQL code for the maps resembling the streets and booth locations assigned to each artist.

After completely revamping the tables, queries and reports, a user manual (snapshot on far right below) was designed and developed to aid training future employees. This manual serves both as a training manual and reference guide. It contains step-by-step instructions and frequently asked questions on the main forms of the application. It enables anyone with little or no Access database experience to navigate the database and create basic queries and reports with relative ease.

  • Revamped the database application with over 5000 records.
  • Updated and/or create new tables, and redesign all forms and reports.
  • Created new simple to complex queries and reports.
  • Archived old records and migrate data to new tables.
  • Tested the database and install at the client site.
  • Trained employees onsite.
  • Designed a User Manual for future employees.
  • Provided ongoing technical support onsite and via phone.

This project took several months to complete. Initially, it was fairly large in scope for a single person to tackle. However, my assiduous efforts enabled me to meet and exceed the client's needs.

As of 2015, the database application is still running and used to manage all of the organization's events, contacts, and mailings. Currently, maintaining the database on an on call basis.

Role Database Designer and Developer
Sample Screenshot(s) Data Model in MS Visio Screenshot of Maps SAH User Guide